Access to this course is provided via private link.

This "Intro for Enable Teams" course is for companies or organizations who are working with an Enable consultant.

At a specific point on the implementation path, every member of the company or organization completes this course.

It is an efficient way to get everyone up to speed on how the model works.

Ready for new levels of operational excellence?

Let's go!

Hi! I’m Emily Bopp.

I'm a Co-Founder here at Enable.

I have a lot of empathy for people who are learning something new! Especially when they didn't seek it out on their own.

Maybe you're thinking, "What is this? Is it going to be boring? Confusing? Hard? Annoying? Will it take a lot of time? Will it actually help anything?"

I get it. Totally.

The best way to learn is from a person. That's what your Enable consultant is for - they are there to teach and train and learn alongside your team. "Learn by doing" is best.

But, there is a place for some informative, friendly, clear, and useful "get up to speed" info, which is most efficiently delivered through a course like this. (self-paced, online)

Our goal is that you feel honored by being brought "in the loop" from the beginning. And that you have as good an understanding of what Enable™ is, as anyone else.

Watch for the private link you will receive to participate in this course! And be ready to share your valuable and unique perspective with your team.

This course is closed for enrollment.

"Our communication has improved dramatically

within teams and across teams!"

-Amanda G.